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If you are looking for a pastime that will keep you fit in the great outdoors - horse riding is for you It's a rewarding and exciting sport that anyone, regardless of age, ability or background can have a go at, as no experience is necessary. Furthermore, it’s easy to learn to ride at Severnvale, as the Centre provides lessons for someone who has never ridden before, to those that want to just ‘brush-up’, or to improve their riding skills. Furthermore, you don't worry about the weather or mud, as you can enjoy riding lessons that are relevant to your needs in the Centre’s indoor and outdoor arenas.

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Our instructors 

Severnvale’s instructors are friendly,  and have a wide range of qualifications and expertise; as well as many years of experience of getting the best out of nervous adults and young children. Their main priority is your enjoyment and safety, as well as making sure that your riding ambitions are realised.

About the lessons 

Lessons are normally held in either the indoor or outdoor arena; and are one, or half an hour, in length; using carefully selected ponies and horses of differing abilities and sizes, so they are suitable for everyone, from total beginners to the more experienced rider. Riding hats are provided for those who don't have their own.

Getting started 

Persons who are new, or relatively new to riding, and wishing to book their first lesson at Severnvale, should preferably call into the  office and talk with one of the  instructors, so that this can be  done. This is because Severnvale prefers to assess the riding abilities of new clients so that the lessons can be tailored to suite their individual needs. It also provides an opportunity to discuss what to wear. If it is not possible to call into the office in person, then book a lesson by telephoning the Centre. Where required, lessons can be given on the owner’s horse.

Types of lessons 

Lessons can be ‘Private’, which  means that individual one-to-one  tuition is given, or ‘Semi-Private’,  in which case, two people share a lesson. Alternatively, ‘Group’ lessons are  available, in which three or more people take part, these groups are however, usually kept quite small. There is a special ‘Lead Rain Group’ for very young riders.

What’s the cost?  

The cost of each lesson depends on the qualification and skills of the instructor chosen, the type of lesson, and of course whether it is one or half an hour in length. Lessons taken at the weekend are more expensive than those taken during the week. However, they can be paid for individually, or booked in blocks, at a discounted price.  A Price List showing the cost of the range and period of the lessons that are given by the different instructors, is available from the Centre.
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